Hi, my name is Jonathan. I am an artist and illustrator living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I studied fine art at the National School of the Arts, graduating in 1998!. After that I studied animation, then somehow became a web developer.

I am a delinquent reader, I love history and science fiction - Russian and french literature, philosophy and others. I have made some incredibly niche music with chips.

I am selling art and offering illustration services, see below for more.

Also I would love to send you pictures of my cats.


I take on any kind of illustration work, I have an adaptable style, including bitmap and vector art. Feature art, media, infographics and pretty much anything else. I also do 3D modeling and animation. Price depends on the job, but a good rough estimate is R150 per hour. Contact me at edb@deathprints.com for more info or to send a brief.